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Digital twins are product simulations that allow customers to visualise, better understand and configure products to their needs, train employees and partners on how to sell and support products and create self-service support resources for customers.

Digital twins enable organizations to exponentially increase market education, sales efficiency, quality of customer service support as well as lower the cost of both sales and support.

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A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world entity or system, such as a product, machine, or process. Digital twins are a digital model that can be used to simulate and analyze the real-world entity or system.

Digital twins are used in a variety of ways, including:

Why are Digital Twins a game changer?

Try it before you buy it

Let your customers see by themselves all the features of your product in a virtual environment.

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Vritual sales assistant

Every single unit of your product gets a scalable dedicated sales assistant. Imagine being able to stand out in the vast ocean of same category products solely by impecable sales service for every customer interested in your product

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Interactive manual

No more 60-pagers, a digital twin is a fast accessible interactive manual that removes the burden of long and exhausting troubleshooting when browsing hard copies.

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