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OnScreen is a simple and effective digital adoption platform that helps your employees move faster and do more with SAP ECC, S4HANA or any enterprise application.

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Create In-App Walkthroughs in Minutes

Create In-App Walkthroughs in Minutes

Every minute your employees spend learning how to use software is a minute that isn’t spent working to create value for your business. Building in-app guides can increase productivity by 300% and reduce training time by 55%. 

OnScreen delivers the ability to quickly create and embed guides directly into the software and platforms that power your business.  

 Any subject matter expert or trainer can create and publish an OnScreen guide in 27 minutes or less on the first try. These contextual, step-by-step walkthroughs are made available to users inside of SAP, Salesforce, Workday and other enterprise platforms. They provide actionable guidance at the point of need to increase retention and streamline processes. 

Check out our explainer video to discover how OnScreen addresses common training and onboarding issues that accompany digital transformation efforts. 

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Why OnScreen

The right digital adoption platform can accelerate your digital transformation projects. Software or ERP implementation projects like SAP are expensive and take place under tight deadlines. OnScreen increases project success rates by time-to-proficiency and reduces training and support needs.

Compatible With All Apps

OnScreen is specially optimized for SAP and can be used with any web-based application

Simple to Get Started

Any expert or trainer can create and publish a guide in 27 minutes or less — on the first try

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Fast and Easy to Roll Out

OnScreen is 100% web-based. There’s no installation, so you can start creating in no time.

OnScreen’s Simple, 3-Step Process


Have a subject  matter expert walk through any process while using SAP or another application​


Quickly add explanatory text and links designed to help the user complete the task efficiently. 



Assign the guide to users and groups that will benefit from step-by-step assistance in the app.

Results That Matter

5X Savings

Accelerate onboarding 


Slash training 


Save on development 


3X Productivity

Increase process and data accuracy.

Eliminate learning-related stoppages. 

Transform workers into power users.

4X Efficiency

Standardize process execution.

Streamline training development.

Deliver access to real-time guides for any task

Trusted by Enterprises Around the World

Enterprises need effective digital adoption platforms to accelerate software adoption and  mastery. We’re proud to provide an industry- leading DAP to corporations like: 

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