Exceptional Experience Engineer Program

Crafting Memorable Customer Interactions

Exceptional Experience Engineer Program

Exceptional Experience Engineer Program

Our program takes customer service to the next level, equipping participants with the skills and mindsets needed to deliver truly exceptional experiences. 

Through hands-on exercises, case studies, and expert insights, participants will learn to anticipate customer needs, communicate with empathy, solve problems creatively, build lasting relationships, leverage technology, and cultivate a customer-centric culture. 

By the end, they'll be equipped with the tools to deliver service that leaves a lasting, positive impression.

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Customer Service Fundamentals

Get started with the basics of providing excellent customer service.

Four Essential Customer Service Skills

Boost your team's skills with engaging customer service training.

Customer Service Skills

Ready to take your customer service to the next level?

Cultural Sensitivity in Customer Service

Learn cultural sensitivity practices to excel at customer service.

Customer Communication Essentials

Develop your communication skills to provide exceptional customer support.

Optimizing Customer Communication Across channels

Communicate effectively with customers through different channels.

Soliciting and Responding to Customer Feedback

Sharpen your skills at seeking out and reacting to customer feedback.

Managing a Customer Service Team

Learn how to lead your customer service team to excellence.

Managing a Successful Contact Center

Cover top practices to lead your contact center team to greatness.

Working With Upset Customers

Get a step-by-step action plan to turn unhappy customers into satisfied ones.

Handling Difficult Customer Service Scenarios

Maneuver through challenging customer service scenarios with care and tact.

  Exceptional Experience Engineer Program in Numbers

Interactive Scenarios
Minutes of Video
Hrs of Live Online Training
Implementation Project

Upon finishing Exceptional Experience Engineer Program, you will: 

  • Learn to understand and anticipate customer needs and pain points

  • Develop effective and empathetic communication skills

  • Learn proactive and creative problem-solving techniques

  • Build lasting relationships through personalized service

  • Harness data and technology to enhance the customer journey

  • Cultivate a customer-centric culture within the organization

  • Practice and apply skills through case studies and hands-on exercises. 

Become the Exceptional Experien​​​​ce Engineer

Learning Outcomes

Join a community of passionate learners 

who are driven to make a positive impact on their organizations and the world. 

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Exceptional Experience Engineer Program

€​ 1299.00

  • 11 Week Program
  • 11 Self-Paced Courses
  • 63 Interactive Microlearning Lessons
  • 90 Interactive Scenarios & Simulations
  • 160 Minutes of Explainer Videos
  • 44 Hours of Instructor-led Training
  • Dialogue, Quizzes, Assignments, Discussions, Progress Reports, Implementation Project
  • Instructor and P2P Consultations
  • Certificate of Completion

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