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Innovative Learning Content for fast, simple and efficient knowledge distribution

Short sequences of entertaining content that incorporate learning through active engagement – more than just simple reading of endless text or watching boring video tutorials



Focused learning in the workplace. It offers relevant information in real time to create knowledgable employees



The most efficient learning through method of trials and errors in virtual environment, without any consequences in reak environment.



Makes learning obsolete by providing short sequences of interactive how-to information instantly – in the moment the microneed occurs. 

Interactive Microlearning in Numbers

Why is the Interactive Microlearning better way to engage and educate ?



more retained


Play is the most fundamental learning concept. Engaged learners retain more knowledge



Faster knowledge distribution

Distribution of hyper-relevant content in real time.



of current

education cost

Scalability of interactive Microeducation makes its marginal cost zero. Invest once, use it gazillion times.



higher employee


Employee efficiency increases with knowledge: more activity – less questions.

Areas of Application

Examples of Interactive Microlearning Content in practice 


Onboarding with Interactive Microeducation

Who is who? What is the company culture? Vision? Mission? What are the rules of engagement? What tools company uses and how? What products or services company sells? To whom? Shorten the employee’s time to full efficiency.



Tools and processes with Virtual Assistant

Want to teach your employees how to use the CRM or ERP or you’d like to show your potential clients the benefits of your new shiny software? Decrease the pressure of not knowing how to use the tool or process. No more idleness, ignorance, pulling on the sleeves of senior colleagues, reading endless manuals or scheduling tiring demos for both the seller and the client. Just send the link to Virtual Assistant and watch the magic happen.



Products and services

Do you require from all of your employees to know your products and services? Good guess is – probably so, but you lack the trainers and employees aren’t to keen on spending their worktime in whole-day trainings. To be able to offer a sound value proposition, educate your employees with Interactive Microeducation briefly, without them having to leave the workplace for a whole day. 



Shorten the sales process

Why not educate the market directly? In the end, its all about market education: the more potential clients will know about your service – tho more will buy.

Engage potential clients with Interactive Simulations and product presentations and remove them from agressive sales funnels that may create the opposite effect. Let them qualify themselves as potential buyers and increase your conversion rates exponentially. 


What We Are Great At

We believe that digital transformation starts with digital transformation of education: new digital tools are useless without knowing how to use them. That is why we are dedicated to assist companies to facilitate knowledge distribution and retention with Interactive Microlearning. We are experts in new instructional design that transforms endless manuals or boring training into short, fun, interactive, gamified and animated content that captures employees short atention spans and adapts its lengths to fast paced corporate environment, scarce with time slots reserved for training.  


As quantity of content increases, audience has evermore smaller atention spans. We strive to create content that is by its length adapted to short atention spans which helps companies increase employees knowledge retention.


Play is voluntary, work is coercive. That single factor makes the difference between efficient and inefficient learning. Our content is bite-sized, animated and fun to interact with.


The byproduct of being adapted to short attention spans, fun and engaging is the overall increase of business performance and cost effectiveness. Your employees can now do more and have fun while doing it.


We deliver content the way our clients want it: as HTML5, Java or SCORM package. You shouldn’t be worrying about the form or compatibility with your platform(s). Our content is packed according to your needs.

Partners About Us

Don’t take our word for granted. Read what our partners have to say about our work.


The idea of more efficient distribution of information led us into thinking about infromation standardization and automation. Copperpot people created Interactive Virtual Asisistant that helped our partnering companies learn faster and in practice about SW tools we were delivering. Copperpot creates applicable innovations for corporate environment. 

Emin Subašić

Business IT Solutions Director


Since we have started using Interactive Simulations, we have stopped with cold calling activities. Simulations engage clients far better than our sales staff.  Now, prospects come to us. Conversion rates are significantly higher

Peter Hubisek



Interactive Microlearning empowered our employees to manage their education by themselves without leaving the workplace. Since the content is available on demand – we use the Interactive Microlearning while solving customers’ problems. Our quality of service increased, as well as customers’ value experience. 

Anita Johnson

Content Creators

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