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Interactive Learning is a pedagogical approach that incorporates social networking and urban computing into course design and delivery. Interactive Learning has evolved out of the hyper-growth in the use of digital technology and virtual communication

Microlearning is a holistic approach for skill based learning/education which deals with relatively small learning units. It involves short-term-focused strategies especially designed for skill basedunderstanding/learning/education

 Key features and benefits of Interactive Microlearning

Saves Time Sessions last a couple of minutes. Limits time away from the office.

 Each session has 3 specific actions for you to complete Take Away Actions

Keeps Your Attention Better attention = better retention. Improves buy-in to the learning.

 Video instructors coupled with on-screen graphic reminders Engaging Content.

“Doing”, Not Theory Sessions focused on the most important, practical elements.

 Ideal for 70-20-10 style of training – coaching aids too 70-20-10 Enabled.

Empowers Your Learners Self-directed learning means they are in charge of their development

 This group want things now and have a short attention span Engage Millennials

Any Device, Anytime Desktop, mobile or tablet – you can learn on the device of your choice

Sessions can be deployed very quickly and are ideal for collaboration Agile Learning 

Specific, Not Broad Needs Short, focused sessions centred on one specific skill or behaviour

Research has proven that knowledge retention increases with microlearning Better Retention

Cheat Sheets Each session comes with a 1 page cheat sheet of the essential information

Sessions are available and on demand at the moment of a learning need Just-In-Time

Coaching Blueprints Coaching questions and aids are supplied to help you coach in & embed at work