The most important business productivity enabler is…

The Best eLearning For Your Organization

The most important business productivity enabler is…


But, know how to – what? It is about knowing how to use company tools and processes to maintain the efficiency of daily business. But that isn’t always the case, is it?

The challenge of passing the know-how of using all the tools and processes to all employees is getting bigger and bigger. Companies realize that there is simply too much information for everybody to know everything, so employee specialization is a logical step. Specialization means more efficiency, but also more support to other experts, which, in turmoil, creates even more proceeses (and tools) to learn and handle, which requires  more specialization, etc… It is a vicious circle in which the growing company is getting more complex due to the innefficient transfer of knowhow… and complexity is tough to handle.

This is where innovative technology in learning and development kicks in – a better way of transfering knowhow. The KPI’s that need to improve are simple:

1. Increase the speed of knowledge distribution,

2. Increase the employee knowledge absorption, and

3. Decrease education costs.

To increase the speed of knowledge distribution, knowledge has to be available in real-time, on demand and in the moment of micro-need. A micro-need implies microlearning: hyper-relevant, bite-sized chunks of information easy to swallow – relevant enough for an employee not to be distracted by cacophony of information, small enough to keep ever decreasing employee attention on spot. So, no more calling and spending time of your colleague to explain this or that, no more searching through endless manuals, no more idle helplesness

To increase knowledge absorption, learning has to be engaging for employees, participatory, playful. Play is the most underappreciated form of learning because the word “play” can invoke so many misconceptions. However, research from education, psychology and anthropology suggests that play is a powerful mediator for learning throughout a person’s life because it implies voluntary participation which is nothing more than employee engagement. Voluntary participation implies feedback, two-way communication, interactivelearning: the more they are involved, the more knowledge they absorb.

And finally: costs. Interactivemicrolearning has the trait that defines it as digitaltransformation enabler: Scalability. The most beautiful fact that revolves around scalability is that the margin cost of digital products  is zero. Null. Nada…meaning – education costs are way lower than current obsolete educational models.

So, what do you think of having more educated, engaged and efficient employees for less money?

Sounds like magic. Why don’t you try it out for free ?


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